Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas Dinner (partfak) =D


                                                        Thank you all =D

Wheee  sorry for the late updates =D been busy with the Christmas event and all~now i will update as schedule ^.^ hehe ~ alright then,well on Christmas all of us Pre-Med(partfak) decided to have a grand Dinner!! …..ok its not really that grand~ but it took us 4hours to cook!! well…..not me..i just take 2 hours and settle ! XD haha! i just cook roasted sesame seed honey dewed chickens! XD okok back to story so after that we have to buy presents for the person earlier we took their names out from the draw and really…NOBODY EXPECTED ME TO GET…..Ee Lin!!!  and also…WOW Angeline’s got my name…TWICE!! the 1st draw was a bit problematic so we did the second. lol! but really the dinner was great thanks to you Kaliz ^.^!!! u rawk!!! hehehe! just that..for some reason..our food type for that day was kinda erm..”Ballish” LOL!! just look at the pics and you will know why XD!! okok i will now let my pictures do the talking~

 P1030414 P1030348 A very special Vodka!P1030349 1 real Absolute special vodka! XDP1030351 Aint it Cute? XDP1030352

                                                          see see? nice leh? XD


See~ the balls? lol!

P1030355 P1030357 P1030358 P1030359  P1030361 P1030363 P1030365 P1030370 P1030372 P1030378 P1030381 P1030385 P1030387 P1030392 P1030395 P1030399 is it me? aww~ hahahah! XD P1030404 P1030405 P1030407



                      awww aint that sweet? but nyway thanx kaliz!!!! =D

All right then..Thats all mates~ i will update another time soon =D! tata~

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