Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ahhhhh~ I LIVE!!!

Fuh..its over..i survive the battle,but the war is not over yet >.<…If im not mistake which i really hope i mistaken , on the last day of maths class which the day we claim what the russians call 'Zaceot”,which is like a paper where your teacher/lecturer marks and sign to allow you to take the real exam,without that,you can’t even sit for the exam.So in short its VERY IMPORTANT. Well my maths teacher decided we do another somewhat like a small Concluding order to get the Zaceot….T.T *sigh*….but i will not give up yet!!! RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!27012010107

  27012010108 This is how my concluding is~~~ Easy Ain’t it? LOL!

Recently wow! there was A MAJOR DRAMA happened here xD!! more like a war if i can say so.:

    India                        VS                    Malaysia+China+France+Arab+Kenya

Its kinda long story but i will post it soon.Its 1 of the most funniest yet most humiliating defeat and most good lesson to be learn from this outcome.

1.Some people will take your kindness and helpfulness for granted.

   2.Some people are just born to be a hypocrite.

     3.Some people just doesn’t care what other people feels

        4.Some people well Don’t Even Know How To Take Care Of Their Own HAIRS! (P/S= The growth of flees is a good and real example of this situation)

          5.Some people regardless of their numbers in their group well..even though they are much older and mature then I am ,put simple “HAVE NO GUTS AT ALL”

      The most important thing i learn is “Some people skin on their face are so thick till the point i can’t even describe it” time i will explain whats goin on =D! till then~ tata