Saturday, February 14, 2009

13 days to countdown~

haha this is nt new year countdown ler..
this my countdown to resign from my job~
lolx!! i cant believe it finally get my aprroval ~
damm but seriously i pity the new guy dats
gona take over my place~
sry ya~ i just cant stand it wit my boss ==!
nt 1 single day i get to even do my things in peace!!
god ==! seriously u got serious PMS ISSUE~
u shud seek medical attention~
i knw its been a while i update this blog~
haihz i missed out a lot of stuff wit my friends~
i miss playing squash n seeing they all suffer wit their training xD
i miss playing my piano at my home T.T
i miss sleeping until afternoon den sleep again till night T.T
i miss doin nth at home~lolx!!
if however~~they pay me more i dun mind~
damm ==! i experience the worst memory in my working
time~ i had to clean the god damm filter under the sink..
wtf!!!! there are nt 1 nt 2 but 3 DEAD cocroach!! wtf??
my god..i even cried..*Tears of stinkiness rolling down my eyes*
i almost vomit....==! n they pay me rm30 for dat...
dats nt worth it man ==!! the worst thing is..i had to use..
MY OWN HANDS!!!!! ==!!the glove also torn...eWW!!!
i did manage to get new friends~
but still...haihz..i like an outsider to a few of them~
well put it this way ler...u knw radio rite??
got FM n AM??
well i FM they AM..
so go figure~~ 2nd pay gona be used up d soon
Gona chg my car rim from 13inch to 15INCH! XD
Lenso Samurai Series 15" nice ~
but they say..
"either u sacrifice performance for looks"
"Sacrifice looks for performance"
i choose looks ~ well performace wise..
penang ler == only JE n Highway nya can lap... kelisa nt really dat pimp out ler..
i still can lose to a turbo wira...lolx!
but i wont lose to a damm noisy turbo kancil xD
but all..i still lose to 2 ppl ==!!
JPJ ==!!
this 2 will slaughter me if find out...
but den..i think wont kua my parents..
I THINK so ler..well like they say
"Ka KA KI"

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