Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lantern Festival in Hiroshima Hostel

Well a few weeks here ~ its getting better d =D well few days been sleeping here xD

haha been a long journey from home tho T.T okok ~ back to the topic >.<

A few weeks ago the seniours all held the Latern Festival in Hiroshima Hostel

(yes it is called HIROSHIMA HOSTEL cause its in the Hiroshima Street n also yes

it was invaded by Japan b4!!)  Since dat~ we went there around erm 6 something cause

they were selling some nice foods xD Omg!!! i can tell u~ so long didnt eat Nasi Lemak d.

and that was the first Nasi Lemak i ever ate in Volgograd~ was also the best xD!!


Well can agak-agak how is the size of the room d ler xD

okok back to the story~ haha! so we went to my friends room to eat ~ Raphael,Jonah and Tsung-lit room to be precise~ well its slightly bigger than my room~ but still i prefer here tho xD!

sorry bro! its true~ hahahahahahah,,


We all partfak and 1st year~ XD



Seniors and us =D

okok so around 10 ~we went down to main hall to start off ~ we took a lot pictures with the seniors.

Hzu Zane was like want all the cute cute pictures~ XD was so funny leh~ look at this pic~ lol!

P1030045 nt much??

  P1030048   how bout this?-->     P1030043

den started a game~ must write something wan i forgot d >.< den spin around the stick~ LOL!


You spin my head right round right round when u go down now~ XD

oh ya den they ask some russian dude to sing a Malay song~ den the others must try to guess

whats the song title~ haha it was kinda funny ler to see him pronounce it bm xD!


Big lanter? our lil latern~ XD



~let if go let it go~

den around 11.~we went out with a small lilttle lantern~ hehe~

den we gather around a big fire place~ den light up

the big latern n let it fly~ but sadly must ground it~

coz scared burn down the plant near by~ hahahaha!



Why so serious? LOL!



                                                       Colorful aint it?


IT WAS 3-8 Degrees Celsius!!!! damm!! lol! its like in the movies

when blow out air through ur mouth~ the air will change to smoke~ XD

cause exhale air from our lungs are hot and outside is cold

so mix get smoke!! …..swt why am i explaining this?? LOL!!!

after den dat~ we went back by Taxi to our hostel again~

and den sleep~ hahahah


Daniel on behind left,Micheal,Abraham,in front on left is Hzu Zane,June,Me and Hansley

oh ya seriously~ after a while in this place.I realize how important my seniors is

Thanks a lot =D especially Hzu Zane,Daniel,Lit Liang,Lily,Kelvin and etc.


My Mentor Daniel =D!!! You Rawk! XD

You really help us so much as soon as we reach here =D.!!

They even held a Mentor Manti program to help us in any problem~

well Daniel is my Mentor~ =D oh ya the Curry Chicken u cook really was

AMAZING MAN! XD nvrm one day i will try nt to burn down the kicthen~ LOL!!

I still miss my friends back in Malaysia tho >.< wonder how have u guys/girls been~

haihz…. anyway i will update soon if i can >.<~ to be continued                              

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