Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Amnesia?Aging? or blur?

Damn..This recently getting more blur then usual >.<..*sigh* been thinking too much lately..The Russian Class “Lil Extension” really giving a toll on us a lot..Maybe not all of us but i felt it..5-6 hours with the extension ..*sigh x 2* Physics its just like another rocket that got blast off to the atmosphere~…..*seriously*

We had to sing some another Propaganda/Emo/Weird/somewhat interesting song.

1.Its called in Russian “В землянке” something like “In the DugOut”

2.Another called “Ты ждешь, Лизавета” or Your waiting for, Lizaveta *Thumbs up =D nt bad"*

3.Last called “день победы” or Victory Day *note=If you sang without the music its DAMN EMO*

I wonder this recently what trigger my such demise..I still wonder and wonder.*sigh* I feel like i need to let it out but its not the time and i don’t know if i would take that risk as the past had shown me the results.

Fortunately some of my friends open my eyes about my perspective towards “that” .It suddenly reminded me about what a person is capable of and to what extend would they do get the attention they lust for.* A.S.S*(Attention Seekers Syndrome) and thanks to that things were getting “shittier and shittier by the day

and the worst part is…the freaking weather ain’t helping =.=.. this really making me believe in the 2012 movie more and more! lol!

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