Saturday, March 6, 2010

A never ending winter…

04032010140                                Flakes after flakes raining down the earth….

Hmm its seems to me its gona be a long long winter.For some can’t stop snowing.By now it shud be a new begining of spring!! but its still the cold,freezy,shitty,slippery and crappy winter >.< no offense .I was so waiting for winter to end but sadly its gona a long long time.

05032010142                              So let it bloom…

Since this coming monday in Russia they celebrate Woman’s Day =D! Its like a token of appreciation for those woman had fought at Stalingrad War and etc.So its like their culture to gift present to the womans.Today all of us decided to give it to our teachers but sadly only gave to our Chem teacher,Sokolova and her daughter,Liza .But its worth it =D! its been a long time to see our chem teacher smile so big xD! at least this way she won’t kill us in class…i hope!! omg i bored till death right now.Kept memorising my Russian Article until wana die d ==! I have a feeling,rather than being a doctor i can be a Russian Teacher soon too! LOL!! xD!!

Till then people..

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