Monday, June 28, 2010


Its really a sad departure especially when its your own friends T.T Even though its we met for just a few months,it still hurt to see you guys leave >.<..Its gona be a long time before our path will cross again.Yesterday,i sent off my seniors off to Saint.Petersburg.

29919_403938279832_648004832_4119241_7196895_n               Another great time =D

Melvin,Yim,Hanie and Benji.Really wasn’t  easy to hold those tears to come out but it did..Never know it would be so hard to let go a friend which you known to care about..Jin May today also left already..couldn’t sent her off though >.< *sorry..*

P1030184          One of the best times we had together all of us =D!

soon 1 by 1 will go off..and we will be the wan to uptake their legacy that they have left behind for us to follow.I will never forget those times you helped us and we fun together ever since we came here =D all of guys rock!!! *will not shed another tear T.T* All the best in future and will hope to see each other again in the near future =D.

The hardest thing to say is not

sorry..but goodbye..”