Saturday, February 5, 2011

after a long day…

Sorry for not updating…been having connection problem with blogspot. this lately.And finally Its chinese new year =D!!! and its another year that I couldn’t get my “angpow” again…*sigh*

but at least I had some great times with my friends..and its all worth it =D!! every single tiring bit of it..hehe!


Yeah its been a while I didn’t get the chance to play pool =D! well finally get it.Its was just great to finally kick back n relax *Big exhale* Doing anything and whatever you want is the best thing a student can do for his/her holiday…no worries..=D!! that’s life..


I feel even more connected with them after such a long time apart.Like the snookers ball on top..even though each ball will go into different pots..eventually they all must line again together 1 way or another.=D..!!!Happy CNY TO EVERYONE AGAIN!!!

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