Monday, June 18, 2012



               Come on,honestly who would sing this song?

Its been a long year.Many things happened that I wish it never happened but well life is full of surprises and it ain’t all nice and flowery.Just finished not long ago one of the most hardest yet most disappointing exam.At least did get it through,now I yearn to go back to place where I call home,my hometown,Penang.Just in a few days will be having my last paper,but at the same time in a few days time will going home.Damn the anxiety!Thinking back I guess it will be 1 big family reunion(in a way) all of us siblings,coming home after all this years.Its something I look forward too though sharing room again its gona be awkward..


                       My little Devil,soon~

I guess soon will conclude my 2nd Course(year) as a Medical Student and bring forth the 3rd Course(depicted by many as the hardest year).But it was a blast =) all the things went through the this year and that will remembered always.


    and so ended the last class but with nice ending =D!Appreciated so much for what this teacher had thought me.One of the most nicest teacher I ever met.Will be seeing you again next semester =D.

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