Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A big relieve..

*big inhale..and big exhale*..finally..Im done with my Russian Exam for this year..a big relieved that i didnt just past..i got somewhat a good mark too.=D ya i know i posted something very stupid just now in FB.Sorry about it people >.<..*bow down* its just that..well for the past 2 weeks non-stop streak of studying and memorizing both chemistry and russian..really really take a toll on me.When the stress builds up and stored..there is a point where u just felt like letting it out everything..well i did it but in a lot of ways but one it wasn’t right >.< i apologize for that. But nevertheless after today..god..i felt so alive again. =D!!

Had a great lunch with my friends Mike,Abraham,Hansley and Ee Lin.Although is costly but it was worth it =D every single bite.Who needs therapy when u have friends =D~

Us                             haha some what “mafia” shot xD