Wednesday, November 10, 2010

happening week

well as the holidays passes…well I have to say…

“Well SPENDED! =D “

Not everyday I will say that but I have to say its really worth it!.Have a great Adrenaline rush for a while xD! get my heart pumping for more!


        Awesome games mates!!! =D!! blast the shit out of each other

10112010249Its been a while too.I finally took up and getting serious in learning electric guitar.Been practicing and learning =D!! Soon…Very soon…*praying and keep on praying*

Rawk on dudes!!!

Things been running quite well here,knowing things which are not supposed to be known..Finding out that people has many “types” of faces..knowing that there are still people out there still will care for you no matter what happens..*tears of happiness* The fire burning from within is still raging >.<!!!*BURN!!!!* anyway time to continue on this life again >.<!!!


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