Saturday, December 11, 2010



What a sad a realization how limited time I have…when the time came I wasn’t there.Had a long chat with my friends.Was practicing the guitar while my friend suddenly ask me “why didn’t learn even more other instrument to play? ….and I just like *stunned!*

Shouldn’t had wasted those times..been a while didn’t felt the feeling to keep playing something you like.Maybe because I realize this could be another way for me to express my personal life and problems through music..That usually works fine for me through piano and squash.. Looking through all my genre changes dramatically…I really like J-rock it really something I felt.

look..a rocker can make such melodic music….

I felt this like another escape from reality..Listening is just not enough..Playing is just even better..but have to learn it the hardway.But everyone have its boundaries..I hope im just now pushing it…1 day I really hope I can master this instrument..within this 6 years..hopefully..

Well I don’t really expect you all to understand how I felt about this.Not many people have to urge and drive to go for it when comes to music.I hope can have my own set 1 day.. =D..well at least im still keeping 1 part of me still the same…being different =P!

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