Saturday, January 15, 2011

ahhh the relieve

I didn’t knew until I see the time..damn!! I literally was sitting n reading n writing my chemistry from 8pm to 1am..=.=!! but of coz in the middle got deviated off course abit.Today I had another concluding session for chemistry.By luck or by chance depending which you believe in..I get the question card which I only 30% of the question I even heard off..==..


                    a bundle of joy……………..

but at least did it and its over..ahh the relieve of a Saturday night again..a study-free night to enjoy…lol!! well in another few weeks time will be having my exam..>.<..on the first day of CNY!!…*sigh*

but its been its snowing this few days..=D!!


Its not as cold as last year..n year before that..I find this year it snows less …which is kinda sad for winter though >.<!..

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