Thursday, January 27, 2011


Strong mind will always have a strong will..

This statement is true of course as many people uses this to empower themselves to achieve their utter most desires and dreams.Many people at the same time misused this in a way which they didn’t noticed it.Where does this will came from? what causes us to have such strength??

People would refer to God for advice..or other friends and etc.But for me I felt there are just people who can influence people only..but influence in a good way or a bad way..well that’s up to that person to decide..To be have a soul.


                things which kept me going on…..

I had great friends..brothers..sisters..which supported me when I needed them the most.=D but there are people..well had just can I put this way..just unethical the very least..

To do something which you dislike so much..regardless how much it something I would commend you for but not all things are just worth doing..that is just not strength ..that is just pure stupidity.


                   a waste of will and strength on nothing…..

To have the resolve to continue on believing that? I commend you for that too..but God did gave us the will to have free thinking don’t it? so use it..

I tried to keep on believing that one day you would change..but that ain’t happening aint it? To put up a fake not stand up for even act…

I had my fair share of tell you the truth..I am just exhausted..I gave up on this..A brother of mine once told me this before..


Not everyone will appreciate what you done for them and not everyone is willing to save your ass when they already cover their own

I finally come to realized how true it have a strong mind so that to have a strong will??…well..that will and day..will not be as strong as they think when the time comes..Keep that in mind…

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