Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saint Peterburg


          A god’s calling for us =D!

The trip is just that awsome =D!!! seriously one of the best if you exclude the soaring heat wave in the train and the hazy smog of Moscow but other than that,the place is just that awsome =D!! First thing first,thanks to my friends Hansley and Mike for making this trip possible.Its really a great city,really nice weather for summer.Historically very interesting and the buildings are just artistic at best =D. Here are the list of places we went :

  1. Peter And Paul Fortress
  2. Petergov
  3. Saint Issac’s Cathedral
  4. Catherine Palace
  5. Pushkin’s City
  6. Russian Museum
  7. Hermitage/Winter Palace
  8. Church of the Savior Blood
  9. The Mariinsky Palace
  10. The Trinity Bridge
  11. Kazan Cathedral
  12. Griboyedov Canal
  13. Vosstania Square
  14. Exchange Building/Naval Museum
  15. The Kunstkamera
  16. Sea Guardian Columns
  17. The Admiralty

and etc..too many places forgot their names..=D some of it can’t take pic.Will try to post up the best pic for the places i visited =D.Hope you guys enjoy.


            A fountain where all the “happy campers” are found xD!


              Welcome to saint pete ! XD

P1040499 P1040502 P1040513 P1040517

     Me and mike at the souvenir market(killer price)


        The Chapel of the Saviour Blood

P1040522 P1040524

me n hans… and also run-away princess~ XD!

P1040525 free!!!P1040535

            We three!!! xD just awsome!

P1040542 P1040556

       The Faberg Egg’s of Russia =D!

P1040558 P1040561


                                   so…Venice aint it?P1040566

                              now this is rare~ xD!

This pictures was all from our 1st day there.The others will post up soon =D!!