Monday, March 7, 2011

Ten Items-Day 10

Day 1: Ten Things You Wanted/Want To Be When You’re Older

Day 2: Nine Things You Can’t Live Without
Day 3: Eight Places You Want To Visit
Day 4: Seven People Who Inspire You, and Why?
Day 5: Six of Your Favorite Books

Day 6: Five Things You Can Eat Everyday
Day 7: Four Songs That Describe Your Life Right Now

Day 8: Three favorite Cartoon Characters
Day 9: Two Movies You Absolutely Love

Day 10: One Quote That Describes Your Life Right Now

I know its way over-due..due to many …”circumstances” it goes for me for now after all the things I went thing will always stick in mine …regardless what happen...

I am Surendra Rathod and you are Dennis

Boon and that’s who we are & always be.

                            By Surendra Rathod

thanks mike..seriously for everything..=D

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