Friday, April 23, 2010

A burden lifted from my chest…

Tomorrow,tomorrow,oh tomorrow…The past has ways to haunt you in any way thought possible.Though i feel again in the pit of despair..this time i felt that despair is deeper than sadness ,I feel as if i’m drenched with everlasting darkness .You light a path for me and when i try to reach for the light…it just vanish as if it was never there but to me it means a lot.No regrets and the answer i waited for….

I wondered…what have i ever done to deserve this…I felt like being damned..Its like my life around me is already written and if i break out from it,shit happens.

Thanks for letting me know from the bottom of your heart.That's all i wanted to know …i hope we can cross our roads again in the near future … =D

“When the shadows beam,Misery remains…..”