Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Hansley!!! =D

26998_396479094832_648004832_3956930_2120487_n                         Well at least its still cake? XD

Its been a very tiring day for a lot of people yesterday due to the fact there was NO WATER for like THE WHOLE DAY?? but we did manage to break through and had a great birthday party for Hansley =D! dude~you really know how to mess things up when everything was plan perfectly~ hahaha so we decided to make so many suprise for him but a lot didnt work .>.< so we had lunch with him at the Grand Cafe "*FYI its not really that “GRAND”* and finally at night with few quick slips and finally a suprise =D!!!

Bro… Happy 19th Birthday =D!!!!


                       Everyone =D! at Grand Cafe


Here finally a proper cake xD!


                            Everyone for the 2nd party xD!


                        and of this =D!


                            “my personal favourite” TM its my sign k xD!

26998_396479219832_648004832_3956946_211064_n                              “ Formal position”


                                “TM Abraham’s sign”26998_396479234832_648004832_3956949_2470854_n

                                “TM Mike’s sign”

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