Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Sunday night…


Wondering what to do for another Sunday night..well its simple..STUDY!!! dammit i hate to admit too..*sigh* Nothing much to do.Miss going out to mamak stall and makan there~ T.T worst part is Anatomy ..IN RUSSIAN!!…its hard enough to memorize in Latin let alone in Russian.What sucks the most is tomorrow is another 6 hours of Russian class..From i know ,i can make a very simple conclusion but thats just personal.

“ The more you try to understand Russian Language and learn it, The more YOU WON’T understand it”


But at least i learn something.I just wish they would at least try to use English for god sake.I know whats everybody thinking right now.

Hey wait a minute,Aren’t you in English Medium ?”

….Yes!!but…“Что я могу сказать? Теперь я живу в России. Это Россия!

Translated = What can i say? I am living in Russia .This is RUSSIA!!!