Thursday, April 29, 2010

The study of humans…

As human evolve,we learn,we think,we study and we came.To satisfy the curiosity in us,we did things are absurd,inhuman,not logical,insane,horrific just to satisfy it.The lust for answer swallow us in the realm of darkness.Take my course for example.The lust for answer about how our body works bought us to a point where we did inhuman ‘projects’ and ‘research’.The study of Anatomy is the study of the human body.Viewers aggression is advised.Pictures contain gore and horrific things to certain people

19042010164 Yes its a fetus!!     

     26042010186 I think is dog


                                              ya his dead thats for sure..


                                            Can’t see what it is >.<



                                         Well thats what u get for giving ur heart..


Ya i know.Some of you might wonder “Don’t you have respect for the dead?”

and my answer is…”Yes,i do.Thats is why im learning to prevent you from being dead” xD!!!!!!