Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday =D!!

P1040247                   And a coffee cake!!!XD 

Well yesterday was my birthday =D!.All i can say is that was really a shock.Haha 1st birthday at Russia.It reminded of those birthday i had back at home when was in secondary school..when was in Aimst..=D..It reminded me that i was blessed with friends which are there for me.Thanks guys for making my day =D!!And i got a few special presents~ LOL!!! literally~ haha It was a really surprise at the very last minute =D!.I never thought this could happen but it did but i kinda ruin their plan though >.< my bad!!


                  Thanxs Jacquelyn,Carmen and Angeline =D!! 

 29919_403938344832_648004832_4119251_5537591_n                  Its suppose to symbolize that “A banana has Ripened already” xD!

29919_403938369832_648004832_4119255_6574028_n 29919_403938354832_648004832_4119253_6366184_n
        Had a great Steamboat dinner with everyone =D!Its was fantastic!!!

P1040269 29919_403938394832_648004832_4119260_607265_n 29919_403938404832_648004832_4119262_355101_n P1040278

Had later another suprise party for me at night~ haha xD!!!


            All my dearest friends =D!!! u guys rawks!!!

A special thanks for everyone for making this such a great day for me =D!!

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