Sunday, May 16, 2010

Elista Pt:4(final)


ok since i have time,so im gona post the last part of the trip =D.Ok so as soon after we visit the Golden Temple,we went for a trip at the city park also know as “Park of the 3 Golden LotusP1040074          “3 Lotus??”

and yes there are 3 golden lotus. LOL!!! and also a freakishly big chess game*literally* there =D!!!.Even though its so *freaking* hot…but well at least the fountains there slightly kept us cool =D! had a blast took picture there xD .

You can see that the children’s there love to play at the fountain until like ALMOST dive into the fountain.

There is even a small Pagoda in there =D

P1040081  So RANDOM!  

    See??  P1040073

P1040078 huge??


                       Yes i knw…. LOL!!!


                    Now ain’t that cute??? XD HAHAHAHAHAH!



So after this,we walk to a small bowling alley with a small restaurant.So we had a 3 course meal.GoD!!! the dumpling was fantastic!! so is the Lamb Soup but the tea… comments xD!!!

P1040083 P1040084

             The soup and the dumpling…yes it dun look much..i knw =D

Then we go to a place call “Chess City”..which is well SHITTY…coz well i have no idea why its call “Chess City”…Ain’t much of chess things..yes there are a few chess looking things BUT!!…its by far the only part of the city which looks like a “PROPER LOOKING HOUSING AREA” just like those in Malaysian!But its also..very desolated and isolated too.


                             A giant Mickey mouse? XD!!


               but the area is filled with this flowers =D its just beautiful =D!!

And finally we were on our way home…and i learn something from this trip though…DON’T USE THE PUBLIC TOILETS AT THE PIT STOPS!!!! Its truely CAVE MAN STYLE!!!XD

so thats all i guess =D!!! keep on reading!!

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