Thursday, May 27, 2010

Museum Panorama

P1040322             My whole batch mates with my History teacher =D

So FINALLY we got our excursion to the Panorama Museum near by the Volga river.At there is the only last remanding remnant of the war which also The Only Building which was still standing during the war.It may not look much but still it symbolize how persistent the Russians were at the time.


       Told ya >.< it ain’t much but its the last building standing

SOrry i had to pay to take pictures inside of the museum,so you know me P1040287xD i didnt pay of course.So well go figure i guess? hahaha xD but from personal experience,once your in the top tower where the panorama view is, im 100% sure you too will be surprised.Each view shows their story,how they fight,how they make their sacrifice and how they end their own life.. And worst part is those people are real! they even have their own grave == not some made up story so to make them look good. So ya,i was kinda impressed but mostly well im more impressed on the sheer firepower of those days xD guns,bombs,tanks..well what can i say? Boys will always be boys~ and boys love big toys~ XD!!


Well it looks like an old Mig,not sure of it ~


  Oh ya this how the Museum looks like =D!!! the panorama view is at the top~ and its also 1 of the world biggest too~ haha


This train is how they transport their troop,weapons,oil and etc.Of course its not working but still it looks so cool and our inner childhood instinct rose up and telling us to climb it and well WE DID!







             This is and update of the Russian T-34

P1040314 Told ya xD!


TO be continued then…=D

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